Free Catalonia promotes the internationalization of the legitimate right of the people of Catalonia to be able to freely decide their future, in democracy and freedom. Our independence t-shirts, design posters, independence bags, badges, want to be a further contribution to make this commitment to the country visible. We understand that no law can be above the will of a people. We hope that our Catalan t-shirts and also the estelada and the black flag help carry this message all over the world. free Catalonia, Catalonia free!

CATALONIA in march for freedom

You may have heard of the architecture of Gaudí, the beaches of the Costa Brava, the festival of Ibiza, the F.C. Barcelona, the basketball player Pau Gasol, the Fallas of Valencia, or the fight of this land to get their freedom stolen centuries ago. Catalonia is formed by the Principality of Catalonia, Valencia, Balearic Islands -within the Spanish State-, and North Catalonia -within the French State-.

THE CATALAN, our language

Catalan is the clearest example that we are a nation. Our language, which comes from the Vulgar Latin, from the thirteenth century was consolidated in the administration, literature and science.

The documented history begins in our language with the Homilies of Organyà, dating from the twelfth century; which means that as a speech the Catalan existed much earlier.

From the reign of James I, the Catalan spreads to all corners of the Catalan nation, from sauces to Guardamar and from Fraga to Mahon, and even across the Mediterranean sea.

For centuries the catalan language was the only language private, public and official all the Catalan Nation.

With the demise of the Roman Empire, Latin became ever more vulgar language, to make way for a new language to an extent that is neither vulgar Latin. So in the eighth century, we can say that languages ​​are born known as Romance. Among the new languages, catalan (although it is not until the fourteenth century call it that).

Despite being the original language of the country, Catalan was persecuted by oppressive states, the Spanish and French, through measures hispanizing language, royal decrees, dictatorships, kingdoms and governments that have a common goal and unique: that nothing remains of the Catalan language and speech.

Official use of catalan is shared with the Spanish in the Catalan region, except in Northern Catalonia, which remains marginalized in all spheres. In Andorra has never ceased to be official and only language.

Despite its official Catalan is continually attacked and knowledge is voluntary while French or Spanish is required.

The Senyera: our flag

The signal poles (the flag of the four bars) first appears on the coat of arms of Ramon Berenguer IV. It was a sign of nobility. But the country, gradually, he's doing his will, into an early national flags. Thus, the Catalan flag is one of the oldest national flags of Europe, and therefore also one of the oldest in the world.

Remember that your public display has been sanctioned by different reigns and Spanish governments for many years.

The Estelada: our fight flag.

The Estelada, born in 1908, is the battle flag. On the blue triangle represents the sky of humanity, and its center makes the white star that represents freedom.

In 1969 appears the red Estelada, socialist-Marxist trend.

Currently this two fighting flags are used interchangeably made by different organizations, groups and parties.

A history of resistance

In 1640 began the War of the Reapers, Catalonia annexionists counter claims against centralism of France and Spanish and the Spanish military presence in our taking our territory as a base of operations. But the war led to the defeat of Catalonia and consequently the Treaty of the Pyrenees (1659), where the counties of Rosselló, Conflent, Vallespir and Cerdagne passed under occupation by the French, under French adminisració everything that was Catalan have had no recognition or right.

Years later we face the Spanish king Philip V of Bourbon, called the war of Succession, the defeat suffered by our ancestors finally brought the annexation and occupation Catalan Countries in the Kingdom of Castile, and in Spain, losing their freedom and independence. After Philip V won the war, promulgated decrees Country Valencia (29 June 1707), Balearic Islands (28 November 1715) and the Principality of Catalonia (1716). With these decrees began a new stage of deep and dire repercussions in the political history and language Catalan Countries: abolished the legal system itself, disappeared institutions of self-imposed laws of Castile, is prohibited the use of Catalan in public and official life.

In 1939, the military victory of the fascist dictator Franco, meant the loss of freedoms and institutions in Catalonia (except Northern Catalonia, which because they were under French occupation) and the beginning of a brutal repression against culture and especially against the Catalan language. The Catalan disappeared from all public bodies with the enactment of a law. And prohibited the public use our official language and deprived the teaching of Catalan at school, all schools. Cultural institutions and schools of the Generalitat (the government) were closed. At the request of dictator, President of Catalonia Lluís Companys was captured and sent to Spain by the Gestapo in the summer of 1940. In Madrid he was mocked, questioned and tortured savagely barbaric way. He was eventually killed by a squad of Spanish soldiers in the cemetery of Santa Eulalia Montjuïc Castle on 15 October 1940. The President Companys died giving an example of patriotism, loyalty to Catalonia: barefoot, keep in touch with the Catalan land, died courageously with 'for Catalonia!'.

Persecution against everything that made reference to criminal and Catalan was absolute anthems Catalan flags and shields also were banned libraries were purified and books in Catalan burned or removed, as well as files. Spanish was imposed on all public services and the sole language. Agrees to change the names of persons, associations, establishments, streets, towns and names. You could only use the Catalan language in family life. Those who showed signs of Catalan identity were imprisoned or killed.

Self-determination, a right for people wanted, but denied by spanish state

Catalonia has the right natural, historical and political, not only autonomy but also the independence of his regiment and the government. So the French and Spanish authorities have committed an injustice so true, then how much whenever they attack Catalan liberties, and this injustice is based on moral and legal grounds of national independence of Catalonia. Currently Spain is considered the international democratic. But that does not mean that Catalonia lives in democracy. The Spanish constitution does not include the right to self-determination. The right to self-determination is the act by which a people to freely decide their political destiny, especially for setting up an independent state and this right is above men and women, above all laws and constitutions, above all institutions. Similarly anyone or any person or organization or state, be denied the right to live, the right to freedom, nor be denied the right to self-determination.

You know that...?

...Catalonia was an independent and free country until 1714?

...General Moragues was beheaded in 1715 by the Bourbon army and his head was left hanging in a cage for 12 years at the Palau de Mar in Barcelona?

...during the French Revolution in 1789, Robespierre visited Catalonia in order to win them to his cause, carrying a folder with the 'Constitution of Catalonia' already written?

...the first bombing of the civilian population suffered the citizens of Barcelona and killed thousands?

...the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí reasons included almost all his works?

...between 1938 and 1953 in Catalonia, 95,000 people were tried for war councils under accusations of a political nature, were executed 12,000 people and some 190,000 were forced into exile?

...and that also during those years, about 150,000 Catalans were imprisoned in concentration camps or prisons, often improvised?

...Josep Sunyol, President of F.C. Barcelona, ​​was shot in Guadalajara (Spain), by the fascists in 1936?

...the President of Catalonia, Lluís Companys, was arrested by the Gestapo in France delivered to Spain, imprisoned, tortured and executed in 1940 by a battalion of the army of occupation Spanish that has not happened in any other European country?

...In the concentration camp of Mauthausen was died two thousand catalan?

...Amnesty International, the Special Committee against Torture and the UN Committee for the Prevention of Torture of the Council of Europe regularly denounce the practice of torture in Spain, as well as the impunity of responsible therefore often torturers are pardoned by the Spanish government?

...Since 1978 more than 1000 Catalan separatists have been arrested / from the various police forces: Spanish and French police, Civil Guard and Mossos d'Esquadra sun being part of the movement for Catalan ' national liberation?

...the illegal wiretapping and monitoring Catalan nationalist militants and organizations are constantly perfectly legalized?

The catalan nation is not allowed to decide the future. We deny the possibility of our national institutions and make our voice heard at the international level. Spanish law requires us against our will. We impose Spanish as a foreign language that gradually more and more pervasive in our fabric as a people. We refuse to compete athletically with its own team under our flag.

Because there is true democracy is necessary to recognize the Catalan nation as a sovereign people, which is our word, the word of the Catalan people that check the living and the future of our society.

That's why our choice of Independence is a democratic choice. We decided to live freely and democratically as an independent state.